An interdisciplinary conference marking the 65th birthday of Bob Behringer

October 12-13, 2013
French Family Science Center
Duke University, Durham, NC


Bob Behringer is the James B. Duke Professor of Physics at Duke University with secondary appointments in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering & Material Sciences.  He received his Ph.D. in Physics from Duke University in 1975.  Before joining the Duke faculty in 1982, he was a postdoc at Bell Laboratories and an Assistant Professor at Wesleyan University.  Bob has made major contributions to research on granular materials and porous media, nonlinear dynamics, and fluid dynamics.  He has also done great service to the community through conference organization, editorial work, collaborative exchanges, and leadership within the American Physical Society.

Invited Speakers

Guenter Ahlers, UC Santa Barbara Heinrich Jaeger, U. Chicago Sid Nagel, U. Chicago
Andrea Bertozzi, UCLA Jim Jenkins, Cornell David Schaeffer, Duke
Bulbul Chakraborty, Brandeis Stefan Luding, U. Twente Mark Shattuck, Levich Institute CCNY
Hans Herrmann, ETH Zurich Horst Meyer, Duke Antoinette Tordesillas, U. Melbourne

Special Issue of Granular Matter

To celebrate Bob’s 65th birthday and his wide-ranging scientific achievements, a Festschrift has been compiled that will appear in early 2014 as a special issue in Granular Matter entitled “Flows and Patterns: The Physics of Fluids, Granular Materials, and Soft Matter.”  The special issue will include more than 20 articles from Bob’s students, postdocs, and close collaborators.


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